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      Sustainable approaches to digital security

      Philippe Vallée

      "Being a leader in digital security, our solutions touch billions of people's lives every day. Ensuring these solutions are sustainable in the way they are made and used, while also creating the greatest value for all our stakeholders is central to our approach. With clients in over 180 countries our impact on digital security is global. Our five specific sustainability engagements set-out in 2017, aim to support our Next Generation Digital Security strategy. 

      For example in 2018, we launched our Non-Profit Program for Trust in the Digital World which supports research in Responsible Digital Identity as well as other topics. We also deployed a mandatory on-line training course on personal data protection for all our 15, 000 employees. Energy being an increasingly critical resource to power the digital world, we grew our use of renewable energy worldwide. These engagements - as well as our full sustainability agenda -confirm our support to the principles of the UN Global Compact."


      Our approach

      Our approach to sustainability builds on our core Company values, which underpin all our activities. In 2015? we carried out a materiality analysis to identify and prioritize the topics that are most important to Gemalto and our stakeholders. The results are shaping how we now organize, report and communicate about sustainability. We have identified 20 topics which are now classified in 5 main areas.

      In 2017 we have re-shaped our sustainability strategy and identified five priority engagements?  (one per main area) for the next few years?.


      Business and customers

      We're constantly developing our business in line with our customers' evolving needs - working with them over the long-term to develop secure and innovative solutions for their end-users.

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      Being the leader in Digital Security – and a business inspired by innovation – the way we manage and develop our people is critical to our future growth. Our strong ethical foundation helps us to attract and retain the most talented recruits.

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      Governance and compliance 

      Governance and compliance

      Our business is built on trust, so it's critical that we conduct our activities with honesty and integrity, comply with best practice and meet the highes??t standards of corporate governance.

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      Society and community 

      Society and community

      We process large amounts of data relating to our customers' end-users and we have developed highly sophisticated controls to ensure data privacy. Many of our solutions have wider social benefits in areas such as financial inclusion, health, welfare and safety.

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      We aim to reduce our environmental impacts and perform in a way that meets our customers' expectations. Some of our solutions support resource efficiency and environmental protection.

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      Contact Information

      We welcome your comments and questions about Gemalto's corporate responsibility efforts.
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