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      Pilot Milestones

      The NIST-funded Digital Driver's License (DDL) pilot will run for two years. The pilot will be run in two phases, each about one year long:

      • Phase 1 focuses on the enrollment process for a DDL, and establishing the fundamentals for the three main use cases: law enforcement verification, age verification and TSA verification.
      • Phase 2 focuses on extending these use case application and to include online 'attribute sharing' with third party providers, whereby you can provide a trusted website (e.g., an airline or car rental agency) with verified information from your DDL.

      The pilots run during these phases will cover organic day-to-day use as well as some staged events.

      Below are the main milestones:

      Date Description Status
      October 2016Pilot awarded, Phase 1 commenced ?
      December 2016All jurisdictions: Joint strategy session?
      January 2017Maryland & DC: Use case workshops?
      February 2017Colorado: Use case workshop ? 
      March 2017Idaho: Use case workshop?? 
      March 2017Pilot participant selection ? 
      May 2017Pilot participant finalization ? 
      May 2017Jurisdictional factory acceptance testing? ??
      June 2017Regional pilot setup and preparation? 
      July 2017Colorado phase 1 live pilot ??
      July 2017Maryland phase 1 live pilot  ???
      July 2017Washington DC phase 1 live pilot??
      August 2017Post-pilot data collection and initial results ?
      August 2017AAMVA International Conference Attendance and DDL Pilot Update Demo Sessions ???
      September 2017Wyoming DDL project kickoff????
      September 201 7Full pilot analysis, conclusion, lessons learned, best practices  ??
      December 2017Phase 2 commences 




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