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      IoT Industries

      ?????????Did you know IoT technology can be used to optimize virtually any industry you can imagine?

      IoT connectivity and real-time data are already enhancing productivity, efficiency and competitive edge for markets including manufacturing, automotive and energy, and the possibilities are endless!


      Energy and Utilities

      Your customers need the most reliable metering connectivity and the highest standards of smart meter security. Thales makes it happen.

      Energy and Utilities



      Privacy is paramount for doctors and patients using connected healthcare devices. Learn how we connect and secure devices and their critical data.



      Security and home automation systems

      Customers expect more of home security systems. Learn how our connected systems let you differentiate your devices.

      Security and home automation systems

      M2M telematics  

      Asset Tracking

      Strong IoT asset tracking is critical for growing fleets. Thales ensures secure and easily managed tracking and tracing.

      Asset Tracking

      M2M payment  

      Payment?? Terminals (POS)

      The payments ecosystem is becoming ever more complex. Find out how our mobile POS solutions let you innovate securely.

      Payment Terminals

      connected cars  


      The market for connected cars is growing fast. Learn how we connect and secure the vehicles of the future.

      Connected Cars

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